Project Name - collects and catalogs high quality free Photoshop brushes. The site’s main goal is to be easy to use, while providing visitors with a lot of useful information for each brush set, making it a lot easier for them to find the right Photohop brushes. Design: Clean and user-friendly interface, purposely dark to give it an artistic touch, appealing to the targeted audience. Design was created with search engines optimization (SEO) in mind, and specially tailored to provide optimal ad placement and conversion. Develop: Heavily customized installation of WordPress was chosen as a content management system (CMS) since clients were already well accustomed to it’s interface. A number of specialized plugins for WordPress was developed to add all the required features. Custom theme was created to be W3C standards compliant and very flexible for further maintenance. Deliver: The end result is a highly popular Photoshop resource site with a growing fan base and a great reputation.